Traditional parking lots are full of potential safety concerns, such as

  • The Uneasy Feeling
    Traversing Parking Facilities
  • Physical Safety
  • Busted Glass
  • Auto Theft
  • Property Theft

The problem with Valets

  • Valets often don’t speak the language, 
  • Valets are human, and with bad days, may not always be very friendly, 
  • Valets that smoke, leave unwanted smells and ash droppings.
  • Valets often alter the seat settings from the driver’s settings, necessitating tedious steering wheel, and mirror readjustment, 
  • The windows are lowered and left open, allowing in the elements, unpleasant garage odors, and fumes.
  • And finally, the unpleasant body language expecting a tip for the “service”.