Who we are

D2D is a company that was born out of necessity

Our founder was encountering a real and recurring problem. Parking requirements were severely limiting the development potential of properties in and around urban areas.

In addition to being in conflict with local ordinances in terms of providing the required parking spaces, it was also creating a great financial burden in terms of dedicating valuable space for vehicle storage.

The need resulted in a worldwide search for better solutions. Turns out, a better system was in fact already operational in many of the urbanized European and Asian cities.

Our Mission

Transform the needs for vehicle parking

D2D’s customized automated solutions – drastically reduce the space required for overhead clearance, ramps, and turning radiuses required in self-park garages. We want to use modern parking technology to increase the number of cars that can park in your establishment, which allows your business to also produce more income, and a GREENER PLANET!

What We Do

We create more space

We advise clients on modern automated parking solutions,
that improve parking efficiency, offer an exceptional user experience and increase Net Operating Income.

With roughly two dozen sellers and manufacturers it can be bewildering and overwhelming ensuring you choose properly.
Together with our strong international partnerships, we bring you a combined decades worth of experience in parking automation & engineering.

Our independence allows us to deliver the ideal solution and system type leading to the highest and best use of your unique project.

We can also offer co-own options for your automated parking system and we provide turnkey financing and development services.