Also known as a Rack & Rail system is designed to move vehicles on fixed rails. Utilizing lifts to  transfer vehicles to a waiting transfer platform to one of numerous levels.

Once the vehicle is in the Car Port, and with the driver and passengers having cleared the port, the Grab N Hook slips under the car, the wheels are clamped, passing the vehicle to the waiting transfer shuttle. The transfer platform travels horizontally and places the vehicle in its assigned stall above or below ground level.

Similarly, a pallet system uses a platform or pallet that the car rests on to transport to and from its parking space. 

When entering the transfer cabin, the vehicle is immediately parked and positioned on a pallet and remains on the pallet when stored in the garage. Once the pallet with the vehicle is removed from the transfer cabin, an empty pallet is brought back to the transfer cabin for the next vehicle. 

This legacy system is suitable for middle and large-scale projects.

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