Automatic Parking Technology

Automated Robotic Parking Systems use the same philosophy and technologies that have turned the warehouses at Amazon, FedEx, and UPS into models of efficiency

The Problem

THERE IS A growing problem of what to do with an ever-INCREASING number of cars.

With each passing year, the number of cars on our roads increases and is growing at a rapid pace. The swelling number of cars, congesting and choking our roads.

As this trend continues, providing parking space for all these added vehicles has become a scarce and very precious commodity.

With added issues of theft and damage and personal safety, is it any wonder many experience anxiety when venturing out?

“With both limited & costly real estate, operators struggle with the challenge of how to best meet their client’s and visitor’s needs.”

— Jonathan Sheldon, Founder D2D

The Solution

The D2D system Allows patrons to summon their vehicle with a mobile app or parking card

The Smart Valet retrieves the car from its stall and delivers it to one of the available numbered car-ports. The app and display panels indicate which car-port the car will be delivered to.

Drivers wait in a comfortable lounge with large screen entertainment & informational message boards to inform and entertain them while the car is retrieved.

Automatic parking with computer-controlled robots

In a D2D system, humans don’t drive or roam the insides of the structure.

With no ramps, wide turning radii, pedestrian walkways or elevators needed, a D2D system solution enables unparalleled high-density parking utilizing the structure to maximum efficiency.

All parking movements (such as lifting, transfering, distribution, and storage) are performed by the Smart Valet robots and lifts. These robots move every which way. To and fro, up-down, and sideways too. Riding on rails or free standing roomba like bots. The system is uniquely able to store and retrieve vehicles in the most efficient way possible utilizing extra-deep parking spaces – all self guided with no human intervention needed.

The ultimate parking experience for clients

Drivers leave their vehicles at a Car Port, the Smart Valet will then take over. The Smart-Valet chauffeurs the vehicle to its storage location for parking. Whether it be in multi-level or underground structures. The Smart software technology directs the Smart Valet in the most efficient way possible in choosing the it’s precise storage location within the facility.

Each transaction averages 2-3 minutes


After our fully automatic parking systems are delivered, assembled, and installed our service continues. D2D maintains the supplied system and promptly responds to fault reports. 

A D2D service technician is always on-call, 24 hours/7 days per week. Remote access allows our technicians to operate the system from anywhere in the world. This service is offered as part of our support services agreement

What can you expect from our service?

  • Periodic maintenance 
  • Remedying faults
  • Telephone emergency service
  • 24/7 round the clock fault service
  • Maintenance work outside office hours

The system mechanics is underpinned by a smart modular subsystem. Each component has its own programmable logic controllers. Should there be a part failure, the unaffected redundant components to assume control of the system without downtime, providing a high level of uninterrupted and consistent uptime.

Do you have any special wishes? Then a tailor-made service contract can always be concluded.

Lower Building Costs

Because the structure is up to 50% smaller, there are fewer building materials needed. 

And because there’s less net structure to build, construction time is quicker too.

The flexibility to repurpose the structure for other uses, should the need arise, can save developers tremendous costs and realize considerable savings in reduced alteration costs.

Reduced ongoing operating costs

  • Reduced insurance premiums. Smart Parking Systems virtually eliminate the risk of vehicle damage or theft as well as the risk of personal injury common to conventional lots and garages, which translates into lower insurance costs.
  • Lower utility costs with less ventilation and lighting required
  • Completely eliminates valet service expense
  • Offers Improved entitlements for developers
  • Accelerated depreciation

Parking, while a necessity, is never the highest and best use of land on any project

With real estate at a premium, architects and developers are often forced to make costly concessions to accommodate the required parking. With the burden on the architect’s creativity to get the parking spots needed.

Unparalleled Flexible System

Each D2D system is custom-designed offering unparalleled flexibility in both form and layout. D2D systems can be built above or below ground, inside, under, or on top of a building, affording architects and designers exceptional freedoms to locate the required parking.

  1. D2D Systems use an average of 50% less land-mass for the same amount of parking.
  2. The D2D system can provide up to 3 -6 times more parking spaces as compared to conventional concrete ramp-style garages.
  3. While ramp-style garages are designed to a maximum of 6 or 7 levels. D2D systems can go 15 or more levels.

The compact D2D solution creates more revenue-generating space that can benefit the property as a whole.

All of D2D’s automated parking solutions offer flexible aesthetic design options,

With all the robotics ensconced inside or under the building, the exterior aesthetics remain protected, leaving the building’s exterior unchanged as well as the flavor of the street and town.

Property owners can count on D2D systems to deliver unique solutions to also maintain the aesthetics, and the environment to create the ideal compact parking solution to solve local parking shortages.

With the number of vehicles and congestion on the rise, noise and air pollution are only getting worse. 

Make room for green space

The higher density efficiencies of the D2D system require less building space and less land, resulting in the possibility of more open Greenspace. This is especially attractive in densely populated areas enhancing urban environments.

Because in a D2D you no longer park your car yourself, vehicles are switched off from the point of dropoff to the point of pick up. The results are greatly reduced tremors, lower noise pollution and, lower air emissions.

In comparison to a conventional multi-story car park, the D2D’s automated system offers many sustainable benefits that assist in achieving a number of credits under the standards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED rating system | U.S. Green Building Council ( guidelines.

In addition to reduced fuel use, one can expect to see decreases up to 30% in carbon and nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and, other volatile organic compounds. 

And with optional ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING  on every car pallet, the D2D system is thee, environmentally-friendly car parking choice. 

The D2D system is the obvious choice for the growing number of those concerned with a better environmental option.

Automated Parking Systems make approaching, entering, and exiting vehicles substantially easier for people with disabilities.

Handicap Parking 

Generally, a number of handicapped parking spots are reserved close to the building or store’s entrance. By handicap parking law, these spots are 30-60% wider than regular parking spaces to accommodate for the wider space required for wheelchair access by and/or lifts. 

Disabled Parking Problems

The larger handicapped parking spaces eat up additional valuable land. Moreover, in multi-level parking garages, people with disabilities will have to cut across and traverse part of the parking area, hop a curb, go through a lobby, get into an elevator, and go out through another lobby just to reach the sidewalk.

Disabled Parking Solutions

The D2D Automated Parking Systems provides a solution to all of the above issues.  

Since D2D’s APS parks and retrieves the cars acting as a valet, all drivers use the same convenient, large entrance and exit areas. No extra space is needed for disabled parking since all drivers and passengers exit the vehicles before they are put into parking spaces. In fact, APS can typically park more than twice as many cars as typical multi-story parking garages.

Here’s the best part – With its high-tech magic, the D2D APS increases the profits of a property with new income, by turning Dirt To Dollars

Because the D2D system provides the same number of parking spaces while using up to half the space of conventional parking structures and lots, we create new income potential. 

We look at sprawling parking lots and see both waste and opportunity. 

D2D systems transform lifeless parking lots into new revenue streams. 

A smaller parking facility makes room for profit-generating areas instead. 

With the newly available space, one is now able to develop additional high-income assets such as condos, retail spaces, offices, or apartments. Dramatically impacting a property’s bottom line NOI (net operating income).

Tight spaces are no longer an issue with automation

Developers are often forced to build in tight spaces, calling for creative alternatives to furnish parking.

This is especially so in densely populated areas where urban land redevelopment faces a scarcity or non-existent open land, on top of land-use restrictions.

With space at a premium – traditional conventional parking solutions are impractical. 

A better solution awaits in the form of a D2D system. Our systems occupy as little as half of the land needed compared to a conventional parking facility with the same parking capacity. Particularly valuable in crowded urban areas

This applies when a development project is designed with real estate above ground and parking below ground. 

With below-grade conventional garages, costs associated with building the structure increase substantially with every level due to excavation costs.

As a city planner, you know parking space is constantly taking up valuable real estate space

Taking into account the congested situation on the streets of major cities, and with the lack of vacant space to create the necessary number of new parking lots, it’s up to architects and investors to solve this acute problem.  More design options: Because they are more flexible in terms of where they can be placed, and the inherent efficiencies of our automated parking systems architects and designers have increased options to provide unforeseen solutions.

D2D – The one logical solution to the problem!

The innovative premium parking systems from D2D help to create parking spaces in the smallest areas, thus ensuring mobility on a sustainable basis. Sustainable also in the context that cars will disappear from the roads.

This boosts the appeal of cities, improves people’s quality of life, ensures a better overview of traffic, and allows all road users to use the roads with a feeling of greater safety.

Parking is the starting point of your visitors' experience at your establishment. A bad experience colors the entire visit and the reverse is true too

Owners and operators have options that will impact our visitor’s experience. With an automated smart valet system, one arrives with that of the experience of a 5-star h

  • Park Fast
  • Easy of Use
  • Zero Theft
  • No Damages
  • EZ Departures
  • Save Time
  • Safer & More Secure
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How It Works

We may design several options with varying features and price points to assist a client in the decision as to which system is right given the project's needs and specifications.

Automatic parking Components

The equipment used varies depending on the type of system ultimately designed. Common to all electro mechanical components in a D2D automated parking systems are;

  • Car-port: Is the bay area where visitors arrive and depart from.
  • Smart Valet: A powered tow that transits the vehicle to and from the Lift and Stall
  • Turntables: A circular, rotating platform rotates the vehicles to face forward. Enabling forward drive when exiting the facility
  • Lifts: Commercial grade elevators handling the vertical movement from the Car-Port to the different parking levels.

Find the Right Solution For Your Business

Some of the factors that will be considered when fashioning the ideal solution for your unique project:

  • The Building size
  • The Building space constraints
  • The Number of spaces required
  • The Throughput velocity, or the expected volume
  • System redundancies The Costs