The Solution

We replace traditional ramps
and sprawling parking lots
with compact automated lifts.

Optimizing space more efficiently
results in more net available space



The ultimate parking experience for clients

Drivers leave their vehicles at a Car Port, the Smart Valet will then take over. The Smart-Valet chauffeurs the vehicle to its storage location for parking.

Whether it be in multi-level or underground structures. The Smart software technology directs the Smart Valet in the most efficient way possible, choosing the ideal storage location within the facility.

Automates parking with computer-controlled robotics

In a D2D system, humans don’t drive or roam the insides of the structure.

With no ramps, wide turning radii, pedestrian walkways or elevators needed, a D2D system solution enables unparalleled high-density parking utilizing the structure to maximum efficiency.

All parking movements (such as lifting, transfering, distribution, and storage) are performed by the Smart Valet robots and lifts. These robots move every which way. To and fro, up-down, and sideways too. Riding on rails or free standing roomba like bots. The system is uniquely able to store and retrieve vehicles in the most efficient way possible utilizing extra-deep parking spaces – all self guided with no human intervention needed.

The Departure Process

in a D2D system, the driver simply uses the mobile app or the card issued to summon his or her vehicle.

The Smart Valet retrieves the car from its stall and delivers it to one of the available numbered car-ports.

The app and display panels indicate which car-port the car will be delivered to.

Drivers wait in a comfortable lounge with large screen entertainment & informational message boards to inform and entertain them while the car is retrieved.

Each transaction averages 2-3 minutes.